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1. Japanese Village

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Japanese Village

One of the most fascinating exhibits on the Midway at the Pan-American Exposition is the Japanese Village. This space occupies about one and one-half acres of ground. It is dotted with pretty miniature lakes, the famous Japanese circle bridges, groves, tea houses, etc. We secured an excellent picture of this village while a troupe of Japanese acrobats were performing. The acrobats themselves are in the foreground of the picture and form the principal feature. The entire length of the film is replete with difficult acrobatic tricks, performed by one of the most skilled troupes in the world. (Edison Catalog)

2. A Japanese Village

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A Japanese Village

This is Ogawa Productions’ first major film from their Yamagata period. They had already started photography on Magino Village -A Tale but they were drawn to this village deep in the high country above Magino when a particularly cold bout of weather threatened crops. Inevitably, their attention strayed from the impact of weather and geography on the harvest to the “life history” of Furuyashiki Village. On the one hand, Ogawa returns to his roots by playing with the conventions of the science film. At the same time, he discovers a local, peripheral space in which to think about the nation and the state of village Japan. From this “distant perspective” in the very heart of the Japanese mountains, Ogawa discovers a village still dealing with the trauma of global warfare and struggling for survival as their children flee for the cities.