Innovation Project™ 2014, March 19-20, 2014
The ThinkAThon™ is Back for 2014


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12 teams will compete to solve the industry’s four most vexing questions, so roll up your sleeves and put on your “innovation” cap. Each team will present their results to a panel of experts who will award the title of “Master Payments Guru” in front of our audience of senior payments executives during the Innovator Awards ceremony.

Are you up for the challenge? If so, contact Pam Bittner for more information.

2014 ThinkAThon™ Judges Panel

Tim Attinger
Strategy, Corporate Development & Digital Innovation
Blackhawk Network

Mike Boush

Mike Boush
Vice President, E-Business and Chief Digital Officer

Raj Date

Raj Date
Managing Partner, Fenway Summer

David Evans
Global Economics Group

Karl Mehta
Venture Partner,
Menlo Ventures

Alex Rampell

Alex Rampell
Trial Pay & Yub

Richard Schmalensee
Dean Emeritus
Sloan School of Management, MIT

George Wallner

George Wallner
Chief Technologist, Loop and Founder & CEO, Hypercomm

This year, we have 4 really big, really important and really tough problems to work through. And 12 teams who will vie for the title of Master Payments Guru in front of industry pros who are some of the most jaded people on the planet.

The Innovation Project™ 2014 ThinkAThon™ Project Roster

Revolutionizing Global Cross-Border Payments

Devise a solution that could increase the speed and efficiency of multi-country, multi-currency and multi-channel payments methods.

How to Make Omni Channel Payments Work

Devise a solution that would enable consumers and merchants to engage in commerce using a general purpose card across any channel and that could be adopted as an industry standard.

Defend Payments Systems from Cyber Hacking

Devise a secure solution that would diminish the impact from malicious security attacks in both the physical and digital environments which would be readily adopted by all members of the ecosystem (consumers, merchants, networks, etc).

The 2013 ThinkAThon™

The ThinkAThon™ was one of the hottest events at the Innovation Project™ 2013, click here to see how it all came together.

Put on your thinking caps, and get on the list – we have fewer than 200 spots in total and they are filling up quickly!
please contact:
Jacqueline Murphy,℠
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